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Membership Advantages
Membership of HIMAA is available in several categories - Full, Affiliate, Student, and Organisational.

As a Member, you will have: 

1. Copies of the HIMAA e-newsletter e-mailed direct to your desktop.  To keep you up to date with the latest information to help with your career as a HIM professional.

2. Opportunities to network with health information management professionals at local, state, national and international forums

3. Opportunities to develop and maintain competencies and standards in health information management via HIMAA's Professional Development Program.

4. The opportunity to participate in HIMAA's Professional Credentialling Scheme to enhance your standing as a HIM professional (Full and Affiliate Members only).

5. Access to specialist educational resources and publications

6. Automatic membership of HIMAA branches

7. Opportunities to participate in special interest groups such as Private Hospitals,   Rural Health Information, Casemix, IT and Quality Management

8. Opportunities to participate at HIMAA Conferences

9. Advance information about conferences, seminars and workshops and other events

10. Preferential rates for attending conferences, seminars and workshops 

11. Access to the Association’s refereed Health Information Management Journal, in online and hardcopy formats.

12. Enhanced career opportunities. Membership of the Health Information Management Association of Australia Ltd is a desirable selection criteria for some positions

13. Ability to post your availability for employment on the HIMAA WorkWeb pages at no cost.

14. Affiliation with associated organisations in the public and private sector across health, IT, performance management and evaluation.

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Full Membership
Individuals who are graduates of accredited Australian health information management university programs are invited to apply for this category.  Full members have voting rights in the association.

A discounted membership fee is offered to graduates who take up Full Membership within 12 months of graduating.
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Fellow Membership
Full members who have practiced in health information management for a significant period and who have made an outstanding contribution to the profession.  Selection to be by the Board and contingent on the member's maintenance of their professional standing.
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Honorary Membership
Persons not otherwise eligible for membership of the association who, in the opinion of the Board, have made a significant contribution to health information management or rendered distinguished service to the health information profession.
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Affiliate Membership
For those who are working in, involved in or affiliated with the health information management profession, or a related professional field, but who do not have qualifications enabling membership as a Full Member.   Affiliate Members are eligible to vote at general meetings of HIMAA Ltd and State Branches, and may be elected/appointed to State Branch committee/sub-committee and national committees but are not eligible to be elected to the National Board.
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Life Membership
Affiliates, Full Members or Fellows who, in the opinion of the Board, have made a significant contribution to health information management or rendered distinguished service to the health information management profession.
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Concessional Membership Rate
A concessional membership rate is available for persons who, at the time of application and for the period of membership purchased, are otherwise eligible to be an Affiliate Member, Full Member or Fellow of the association but who are not in full-time or regular part-time employment, or have retired from the workforce on a permanent basis.

Applicants are required to lodge with their application/renewal, substantiation of their eligibility for this category for the applicable subscription period.

HIMAA has offered an extension of the advanced purchase discount scheme to concessional membership rate, previously these members could only purchase their HIMAA membership on an annual basis.

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Student Membership

As at 1 July 2007 Students of Health Information Management programs at the following institutions:

The University of Sydney
Queensland University of Technology
La Trobe University, and
Curtin University

are eligible for free student membership of HIMAA.  Any student, regardless of status (part-time or full-time) who is studying at HIMAA accredited course is eligible for free membership. 

Students who are a HIMAA student member at the time of completing their course have a 6 month "grace" period following completion of their course in which to convert to Full member status (at the Full member discounted rate). The Full member discounted rate applies for the first 12 months of membership.  During the "grace' period the member will retain the status and benefits of a student member.

Student members may opt to pay a student subscriber rate to receive the HIMJ in hardcopy format in addition to having free access to the HIMJ online.  Current subscription paying student members will continue to receive the hardcopy HIMJ until their membership is due for renewal, at which time they can choose to continue/ discontinue their subsription. 

Student members who do not elect to pay the student subscriber rate ONLY receive access to the HIMJ online version.

Voting rights and eligibility for committees are as for Affiliate Members (See above).

Click Here for Student Free Membership Leaflet.

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Organisational Membership
Any organisation is eligible to join HIMAA as an organisational member if:
- Its objectives are compatible with those of the association, and
- It is involved in or affiliated with the health information management field or a related professional field. 

HIMAA offers a discounted rate (80% of normal member subscription) where a company nominates and pays for three or more employees to be members of HIMAA.  The employer also receives unlimited, free advertisements on HIMAA's Workweb recruitment site.

There are TWO categories of membership that would apply to employees, namely Full Member (qualified HIM) or Affiliate Member (not a qualified HIM).  By joining HIMAA as an organisational member your employees receive all the rights, privileges and member benefits of "normal" members.  The annual membership subscription rates that would apply are as follows:-

                       Australia Rate (incl.GST)            Overseas Rate (excl.GST, incl. Overseas Postage)

Full Member         AUD$216 (normal rate $270)         AUD$355.00
Affiliate Member   AUD$158.40 (normal rate $198)     AUD$295.00

Organisational membership provides access to a rich source of information for nominated employees within your organization, plus other benefits.

The multiple year, advance purchase of membership is not available to Organisational Members.
However, nominated employees' continuity of membership is preserved in the event that they subsequently join HIMAA as an individual member.

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General Membership Information

Membership Year
The membership year is for the 12 months from the date of full payment of membership fee. The membership date is defined as the anniversary date on which full payment is received by HIMAA Membership Services. The completion and submission of a membership application form does not, without payment, constitute membership.

Membership Fee Schedule 2011/2012 (Revised as at 1 January 2011)
Membership Category Australian Rate
(Incl. GST)

Overseas Rate

New Graduate Member $135.00 $146.00 *(Lodge a verified copy of HIM degree or transcripts indicating graduate status)
Full Member* $270.00 $268.00

*(Graduate of accredited Australian HIM university programs)

Affiliate Member* $198.00 $193.00

*(A change of name from Associate to Affiliate Member (there is no change to the eligibility criteria)

Student Individual Subscriber* $165.00 $295.00

Only student members who opt to pay at this rate would receive the HIMJ in hardcopy format and also access to online version.
*(Lodge a copy of the university enrolment form substantiating eligibility)

Organisational Member*

$216.00 Per Full M or $158.40 per Affiliate M

$355.00 Per Full M or $295.00 per Affiliate M

*(Allow nominated employees only)

Certificate Re-issue Fee $33.00 $30.00  

Discounts for the Advance Purchase of Membership

Discounts on membership fees for Full, Affiliate, and Concessional Members per the following table:
Continuous Membership History 2 years Advance Purchase 3 years Advance Purchase
0-4 yrs membership 10% discount 15% discount
5-9 yrs membership 12% discount 20% discount
10+ yrs membership 15% discount 25% discount

Credit Card Payment Policy

A surcharge applies to all credit card transactions. We only accept Mastercard, Visa  and AMEX cards. Call (02) 9887 5001 to pay by MasterCard, Visa or Amex cards. Minimum payment $10.00.  Maximum payment $2,000.00. The following surcharges will apply:


Aust Rate C Card Levy Overseas Rate (AUD $) C Card Levy
Affiliate Member $198.00 $4.00 $193.00 $4.00
Full Member $270.00 $5.50 $268.00 $5.50
Organisational Member $216.00
Student Subscriber $165.00 $3.50 $295.00 $5.00
New Graduate $135.00 $3.00 $146.00 $3.50

Conference/Symposium Discounts

Current financial members who recruit new Full, Affiliate or Organisational members to HIMAA are eligible to receive a discount of $20 per new member off their registration to the next HIMAA Conference or Symposium.

HIMAA Membership Application forms now contain a section for new members to fill in the name of the person who introduced them to HIMAA.  Financial HIMAA members who introduce a new member to HIMAA will be credited with a $20 discount, per new member, off their registration fee to the next national conference/symposium.

The discount only becomes valid when the new member pays their subscription.

Discount credits are not transferable and lapse at the time of the next HIMAA national conference or symposium after the discount is credited.

Application Procedure
1. Download the appropriate application form (Select the appropriate application form from those below)

Membership Application form (Full, Affiliate, & New Graduate members) (Word file)
2011 Free Student Membership Application form (PDF file)
Organisational Membership application form (MS Word file )

2. After completion of the application form, please check that you have:

  • Provided a proposer and seconder
  • Supplied the necessary substantiation documentation (see below)
  • Signed and dated the form


3. Fax or post the completed form to: 

Locked Bag 2045 
Fax: + 61 2 9887 5895 

4. HIMAA will confirm the receipt of your application, and an invitation to proceed with membership will be mailed within 21 days (along with an invoice and receipt).

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Transfer of Membership Category
Members wishing to transfer their membership category need to complete and lodge the relevant application form.


Student to Full and Affiliate to Full – Please lodge a verified copy of your complete transcripts indicating graduate status and/or testamur from a HIMAA endorsed HIM Degree.

Affiliate to Student – Please lodge a copy of your full time student enrolment confirmation issued by the University – Note that only students of an endorsed HIM qualifying degree program are eligible for the Student Membership category.

The Executive Officer is authorised to review the application for change of membership status, documentation and approve or decline applications on behalf of the HIMAA National Board.

More Information
Please contact: 

Membership Officer
Locked Bag 2045 

Tel: +61 2 9887 5001 
Fax: + 61 2 9887 5895 


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