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 DAY 1: Wednesday 1st November 2017


Session 1: Welcome and Opening

Welcome Address
Jenny Gilder,  HIMAA President |

Welcome Address
Vera Dimitropoulos,  Executive Manager, NCCH / ACCD |

Opening Keynote 1 - ICD-11 - A milestone for Health Information Management 
Nenad Kostanjsek,  World Health Organisation, | **


Session 2:  Health Services Management

KEYNOTE: Healthcare Management in Changing Times
Kate Copeland,  Australasian College of Health  Service Management  | View

Administrative service redesign in the Electronic Health Record world
Claire Holt - Portland District Hospital  | View

LEAN'ing  towards a safer, better, smarter  information service
Aisha Kattar - Sydney Children's Hospital Network | View

Getting A+ in Accreditation and  moving forward in health information and care
Nadine Ghassibe - Sydney Children's Hospital Network |

Leadership is a verb
Christine Fan - Sydney Children's Hospital Network |


Session 2: Coding Workforce

KEYNOTE: Building a Better West Projecting our transformed coding workforce into the 20's!
Nina Lean - Western Sydney Local Health District  | View

Managing without a Manager
Cathy Davis & Julie Ross - Monash Health  | View 

Job Sharing Across the Country
Sherry Craighead & Natalie McGregor - Cairns and Hinterland HHS | View  (PDF)

Minimising the workload impact on the Caboolture coding workforce
Nikesh Gopalkumar, Gerie Liddy & Royn Rooney - Metro North Hospital and Health Services | View

Coding will fix it!
Kate Heath - Cairns and Hinterland HHS  | View

DAY 2:  THURSDAY  2nd November 2017


Session 1: Digital Health

KEYNOTE: The Information Sharing Challenge - Let's cut to the chase
Scott Pickard - Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service  | View

Expect to manage Reduction in Staff: another perspective on EMR implementation
Kathy Cassin - The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne | View

From paper-based to real-time health information Reporting: a practical Vietnamese mhealth Solution
Ngoc Phan - Institute of Population Health  and Delevlopment, Vietnam | View

Insourcing in an Outsourcing world: Big Business's loss is Health Information's Gain
Christopher Guest - Forensicare | View

Identification and reporting of HealthLinks patients
 Allen Foo - Western Health | View

CODING and CLASSIFICATION STREAM  - Access to videos will be announced soon

Session 1:  Clinical Updates  1

Orthopeadic Surgery
Dr Ben Parkinson |  VIew

Radiation Oncology
Chris James |  View  (in PDF)



Session 2: Information Governance

KEYNOTE: The Role of Health Records in IT Governance
Laura Pietromica - Hyland Software  | View

Data Governance - an Organisational Assessment
Sean Downer - Western Health | View

Taking out the trash: clinical forms governance overhaul
Odette Taylor, Nicholas Caruana & Prudence Poon - Northern Health | View

Social media in health care: dangerous? Or quality improvement and consumer engagement?
Clair Holt - Portland District Health  | View

Privacy Concerns in a rural healthcare setting: HIM & the "Bush Telegraph"
Sharon Campbell - Curtin University  | View


Session 2: Clinical Coding Workshop 1

ACCD Update Regarding  ICD-10-AM/ACHI /ACS
NCCH: working with ICD-11
Filippa Pretty and Patricia Nicolau |  View


Session 3: Researching our Future

Developing a national census for the Health Information Professions in Australia
Kerryn Butler-Henderson  - University of Tasmania  | View

Understanding the perceived barriers/enablers to Health Information Management professionals undertaking research
Cassandra Rupnik, - Northern NSW LHD & Jaclyn Chan - Independent Hospital pricing Authority  | View

How can we engage in health information management research? The establishment of HIMAA's Research Advisory Committee
Kerryn Butler-Henderson  - University of Tasmania  | View

CODING and CLASSIFICATION STREAM - Access to videos will be announced soon

Session 3:Clinical Updates 2 

Vascular Surgery
Dr Roxanne Wu |   View

Assisted Delivery
Mary Mcguiness |  View


Session 4: Health Analytics

Gender bias and Healthcare
Michelle Thompson - Marie Stopes International  | View

Challenging the data gaps  in health outcomes due to domestic violence
Miriam Lum On - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare |  View

Benchmarking Destination... Improvement
Christine Fan, Sydney Children's Hospitals Network & Elijah Zhang - Sydney Children's Hospitals Network  |  View

Mhealth improves social support for ethnic minority women during perinatal period
Hue Thi Trinh - Institute of  Population, Health and development, Vietman  |  View

Systematic review of the impact of dagnosis related groups- prospective payment system on health care: empirical evidence from China
Hongying Li - Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences, China  |  View



Clinical Coding Workshop 2

NCCH Coding Exercises
Filippa Pretty and Patricia Nicolau |  View

DAY 3: THURSDAY 3rd November  2017


          Session 1:  Activity Based Management

KEYNOTE: ICD-11 The first revision of and for the digital era
James Harrison - Flinders University  | View


Session 2:  Clinical Documentation

KEYNOTE:  CDS: Measuring the benefits and future initiatives for improved performance
Natasha Smith - Western Sydney LHD | View

Describing the "Clinical Truth" in coding
Andrea Groom - Clinical Coding Services Pty Ltd  |  View

Clinical Documentation Improvement  amidst the "Sea of Change"
Carlee Huntchings & KerryAnne Adair - Bendigo Health  | View

More than words: A rural perspective to Clinical Documentation Improvement
Kelly Lupish - Western NSW LHD   |  View

The Murrumbidgee Emergency Department Documentation Roadshow: Working in partnership to drive documentation improvement
Alexandra Toth - Murrumbidgee LHD   |  View


Session 2:  Coding Education and Workforce

KEYNOTE:  Field testing ICD-11: Comparing results of international Proportions
Olafr Steinum - Nordic Centre for Classifications in Health Care  
Brooke Macpherson - Australian Institute of health and Welfare   |  View

Field Trialling ICD-11 in Australia: the next phase of testing
Brooke Macpherson - Australian Institute of health and Welfare   |  View

Developing a national short list for principal disgnosis reporting in emergency
Anne Elsworthy - Independent Hospital Pricing Authority  |  View

What having a training program taught us
Kerry Bates - CCLHD  | View

Eliminating spreadsheets from our coding service to  improve coding and audit programs
Melissa Robinson and Cathy Norish - University Hospital, Barwon Health Geelong  | 

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