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 DAY 1: Tuesday 8th November 2016


Session 1: Welcome and Opening

Welcome Address
Jenny Gilder,  HIMAA President |

Welcome Address
Richard Madden,  Director, NCCH |

Opening Keynote 1 - Information Governance for Healthcare... Why and How? 
Deborah Green,  AHIMA, USA | View

Opening Keynote 2
Dr Philip Hoyle, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney Revision Steering Committee | **



Session 2:  Data Management

KEYNOTE: Building digital health workforce capability
Louise Schaper,  HISA  |

Supporting Genetic Health Services in Victoria by using population-based cancer registry information
Helen Farrugia  |

The balancing act of data validation.
Chris Moser, Queensland Department of Health | View

Information Management for aged care provision in Australia: development of an aged care minimum dataset and strategies to improve data quality and continuity of care
Jennifer Davis, Department of Health ACT |



Session 2: Classifications Update

KEYNOTE: Functioning properties in ICD-11: new opportunities for casemix systems
Richard Madden, Director NCCH  |  View

Pilot testing ICD-11: The Australian experience
Brooke MacPherson, Australian  Institute of Health and Welfare  | View

Building a Classification: not the same thing as coding
Anne Elsworthy, IHPA  | View

WA Health Activity Based Management Reform, Coding and Classification Project
Kathleen Alloway Department of Health WA  | View



Session 3: Information Management

KEYNOTE: If HIMs were chefs and other tall tales
Cameron Barnes, Cabrini Health  |  View

Information is of Strategic Importance
Sallyanne Wissmann, Mater Health Services  |

Australian Consortium for Classification Development: Automating the Classification Publishing Process
Michael Tran, ACCD  |

Information Technology Supporting Inter-Classification Communication
Aaron O'Donnell, ACCD  | View



Session 3: Coding Practice

KEYNOTE:  Coding Practice: the beating heart of health information
Jill Burgoyne, NT Department of Health  |  View

Coding Queries - be careful what you ask for!
Patricia Catterson, Ballarat Health Services and Jennie Shepheard Department of Health Victoria  |  View

Clinical Coder Code of ethics and ethical coding practice
Filippa Pretty, NCCH/ACCD  |  View

A multi-perspective approach to auditing the quality of coded clinical data
Beth Reid, Pavilion Health  |  View

The chronic issue of chronic conditions
Chris Moser, Queensland Department of Health  |  View


SESSION 4 : Workshops

International SIG | **

Leadership: You don't have to be in the "Big L" league - Richard Lawrance, HIMAA | View


DAY 2:  WEDNESDAY  9th November 2016


Use of data in health services management
John Pilla, KPMG |

Health Information Management: At the heart of pricing for safety and quality
Joanne Fitzgerald, IHPA | View

A structural review of the AR-DRG Classification - moving towards version 9.0
Carol Loggie, NCCH/ACCD | View



Session 2: Electronic Medical Records 

KEYNOTE: An Epic go-live - The Royal Children's Hospital Experience
Jacki McLeod, The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne |

How eReferrals are Transforming Specialist Clinics at Monash Health, Victoria, Australia
Kate Horkings and Jasmine Souki | View

MyHR in Primary Health Care: an attitudinal evaluation study
Kerryn Butler-Henderson, Australian Institute of Health Service Managamen, Univeristy of Tasmania | View

Vendor Neutral Enterprise Imformation Management: HIM Leading the way to Creating a complete Electronic Health Record
Laura Pietromica, Hyland Software | View

Enhancing consumer engagement in the test result management process to build safe and quality person-centred pathology and medical imaging practice
Maria Dahm, Macquarie University | View


Session 2:  Clinical Coding Workshop 1

Spinal Injuries
Dr Andrew Nunn, Director of the Victorian Spinal Unit |  View 


Session 3: WorkForce

A "Fair Go" for whom? Skilled migration and the need for educational standards in the HIM profession
Jenny Gilder, HIMAA |

Home grown workforce solution in health information
Tony Kalathil Jose, Orange Health Service |  View 

HIMAA's inaugural workforce summit - what did it achieve and what you can do?
Richard Lawrance, HIMAA and Julie Brophy, Victorian Department of health and Human Services |  View 



Session 3: NCCH/ ACCD Workshop

Back to Basics
Susan Claessen, NCCH |  View

ICD-10-AM / ACHI / ACS: What to expect for Tenth Edition
Filippa Pretty, NCCH |  View



From Information Management to Information Governance
Alexandre Bouche & Deborah Green, AHIMA |  View

Let's write a research proposal - A hands-on workshop
Kerryn Butler-Henderson, University of Tasmania, Laura Harris Concord Hospital, Vicki Bennet, University of Tasmania |  View

Clinical Coding Workshop 2

Topic 1 - Cardiology
Associate Professor Leanne Grigg, Director of Cardiology, Royal Melbourne Hospital |  View

Topic 2 - Pressure Injuries
Lisa Connolly, Wound Consultant, Monash Health |  View

DAY 3: THURSDAY 10th November  2016


          Session 1:  Activity Based Funding

KEYNOTE: Activity Based Funding: Where to from here?
James Downie |

The 'world' according to Activity Based Practice
Vera Dimitropoulos, NCCH / ACCD |

Implementation of the Australian Mental Health Care Classification
Joanne Fitzgerald, IHPA  | View

ICD-10-AM / ACHI / ACS The bridge between Australia and Ireland
Marie Glynn & Jacqui Curly, Healthcare Pricing Office, Ireland | View



Session 2:  Clinical Documentation

KEYNOTE: What do we really want from Clinical Documentation Improvment Programs?
Jennie Shepheard, Department of Health, Victoria | View

Clinical Documentation Improvement - Where to I start?
Kylie Holcombe, Ballarat Health Services  |  View

Implementing a Clinical Documentation Improvement Program utilising Clinical Documentation Specialists undertaking a concurrent review of the medical record
Nicole Draper, St Vincent's Private Hospital Sydney  | View

The role of the Clinical Documentation Specialist in Activity Based Funding
Kathleen Wilton, 3M   |  View



Session 2:  Coding Education and Workforce

KEYNOTE:  Clinical Coder Career Progression: A transformation of the coder workforce in WSLHD
Natasha Smith, Western Sydney Local Health District  |  View

Development of Certificate IV in Clinical Coding
Thomas Galtieri, Western Health|  View

Managing clinical coding education
Heather Grain, Global eHealth Collabortive | View

Results of a HIMAA aptitude test for clinical coding
Kerryn Butler-Henderson, Australian Institute of Health Service Management, University of Tasmania | View

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