Tuesday, 27th October 2015


Session 1: Welcome and Opening

Welcome Address
Sallyanne Wissmann, HIMAA President | View

Opening Keynote 1
Angelika Haendel, President IFHIMA  | View

Opening Keynote 2
Dr Christopher Chute, Chair ICD-11 Revision Steering Committee | View



Session 2:  Electronic Health Records

KEYNOTE: Implementing EHR at RCH
Jackie McCleod, Project Director, RCH  | View

The transformation continues: the eMR journey of Qld Health
Louise Hayes, Queensland Health  | View

Pre-implementation investigation of clinicians' perceptions about using a fully electronic medical record system
Esther Munyisia, Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District | View

Electronic Medical Record Adoption Method... what does it mean and how does it  impact healthcare and HIMs?
Amanda Blasť,  Hyland | View



Session 2: 

Classifications Update

KEYNOTE: ICD-11 Revision Review
Rosemary Roberts, Former Director NCCH  |  View

Implementing the Episode of Clinical Complexity Model into the Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Groups classification for Version 8.0
Vera Dimitropoulos, NCCH  | View

Demonstration of Clinical Complexity Calculator
Carol Loggie, NCCH  | View

Using ICD-10 diagnosis codes and procedure classifications to determine hospital and physician reimbursements. Good idea?
Maragaret Skurka, Indiana University Northwest, USA  | View



Session 3:  International Health Information Workforce Panel: Diversify, Innovate and Transform

Facilitated by Vicki Bennett, HIM Consultant, Australia

Julie Brophy | View

Margaret Skurka | View

Marci McDonald | View

Yukiko Yokobori | View

Angelika Haendel | View




Session 1: Information Management 

KEYNOTE: Transforming the workplace: moving from a paper-based to an electronic information management system
Christopher Colwell, University of Technology, Sydney | View

Collect once use many: integrating disparate data collection in the Solomon Islands primary health system
Vicki Bennett, HIM Consultant | View

Enterprise content management: public and private hospital comparative journeys
Sallyanne Wissmann, Mater Health Services | View

From white index cards to electronic whiteboards: building and electronic MR and patient management system
Christopher Guest, Forensicare | View


Session 2:  Quality, Safety & Health Service Delivery

KEYNOTE: Using data to Improve Patient Outcomes
Amanda Ling, Ramsay Health  |  View

Can coded data be used for clinical quality improvement?
Robert Herkes, Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care  |  View

The essentials of quality clinical document to support safety and quality
John Pilla, Health, Ageing and Human Services Advisory, KPMG  |  View 


Session 3: International Health Information Practice

KEYNOTE: Building a workforcefor HIM Transition in the region of africa
Wole Ajayi, IFHIMA Executive Board Member  |  View

Design & implementation of a multi-platform electronic medical record in geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas
Arturo M Ogkeko, University of the Philippines  |  View

The use of electronic resources among interns in Nepal: Do they have the eHealth Skills? 
Paras Pokharel, Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Nepal  |  View



Session 1:  Clinical Coding Workshop 1

Bariatric Surgery
Dr Nik Kormas, Senior Staff Specialist, Department of Endocrinology & Metabolism, Concord Repatriation General Hospital  |  View  | Bariatric Cases  View

Session 2:  Coding Workforce & Training

Frequently Asked Questions following the Ninth Edition Online Education
Susan Claessen & Anne Elsworthy, NCCH  |  View


Session 3:  Clinical Documentation Inititatives

Clinical document imp[rovement tips: all the physician needs to know and great accurate coding will follow
Margaret Skurka, Indiana University Northwest, USA   | View

What a difference do auditors and clinical coders make? Looking at ways of improving clinician engaement and documentation
Jo Micallef & Mary Shlager, Central Coast Local Health District | View


Research Workshop - A staged approach to turning a project into research
Dr Stella Rowlands, QUT,  Dr Joan Henderson University of Sydney, Dr Kerryn Butler-Henderson UTAS & Megan Foster, Mater Health Service, Brisbane | TBA

Performance Measurement Workshop
Gowri Sriraman, Performance Analyst, Prince of Wales and Sydney Hospital & Sydney Eye Hospitals | View

Clinical Coding Workshop 2 - Rehabilitation
Dr Malcom Bowman, Wolper Jewish Hospital | View

Introduction to SNOMED CT for Health Information Managers
Ralph La Tella, HIMAA | View




          Session 1:  Health Data Usage

KEYNOTE: Importance of exception reporting
Julie Overall, Cyberscience | View

Health Information Management: transforming cancer registration data to improve cancer outcomes
Helen Farrugia, Cancer Council Victoria | View

Using ICD codes to support evidence based policy development at the Department of Veteran's Affairs
Julie Price, Department of Veterans' Affairs  | View

Do you SNOMED? How to diversify with clinical terminologies
Louise Hayes, Queensland Health | View


Session 2:  Legal Matters

KEYNOTE: Medical legal issues and documentation: current issues and future challenges
Libby Brookes, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers | View

Bullying and harassment in the workplace...a personal perspective
Alexandra Toth, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service  |  View

Who, What, and Why is the question and the answer.
Laila Zarour, Northern Sydney Local Health District  | View

Privacy perspective across the 49th parallel: complexity not simplicity, unfortunately.
Lorraine Fernandes, Global Healthcare Ambassador, Analytics and Information Governance, IBM
& Marci Macdonald, Halton Healthcare Canada   |  View



Session 1:  Activity Based Funding

KEYNOTE: National ABF implementation. Progress to date and future directions
James Downie, IHPA  |  View

Progress on development of new ABF Classifications (mental health, emergency, non-admited)
Joanne Fitzgerald, IHPA |  View

The importance of Condition Onset Flag data and how not to catch a COF in n Activity Based Funding environment
Beth Reid, Pavilion Health | View


Session 2:  Workforce & Education

Panel: New and Innovative Coding Education Inititatives
Dr Kate Reid & Dr Melanie Boursnell, HETI  |  View
Julie Brophy, DHHS Victoria Health Workforce Branch  | View
Lyn Williams, HIMAA Education Services  |  View

Aha! - Training the Trio - Clinical Coding tutorials proving effective way to learn
Karen Humphrey, Monash Health |  View

Remote coding from home: our journey so far
Sophie Irwin, Monash Health | View



Session 3:  Governance & Standards

KEYNOTE: Information Governance: HIM Meets the Challenge
Lorraine Fernandes, Global Healthcare Ambassador, Analytics and Information Governance, IBM  |  View

HIMs Contribute to high completion rates of electronic discharge summaries
Trixie Kemp, Tasmania Health Organisation - North West |  View


Health Information Workforce Summit 2015
      Introduction to the HIW Summit - Richard Lawrance,  CEO HIMAA | View
      HIW - The need for data - Jenny Gilder,  President, HIMAA View
      HIM Career pathways  - Julie Brophy,  Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria | View 
      HIM supply: The universities challenge - Merilyn Riley | View 
      Coder workforce shortfall - Vicki Bennett, HIS Consultant | View
      HIMAA Education Services - Richard Lawrance, CEO HIMAA | View
      CCWE inititative - Maria Stephanou, Sydney LHD | View
      Victoria's HIW Strategy - Julie Brophy, Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria | View
      HIW Working Group - Dean Raven, Department of  Health and Human Services, Victoria | View
      HI Workforce Configuration - the HIM gap - Richard Lawrance, CEO HIMAA | View
      HIM Role Substitution - Cassandra Rupnik, Branch President HIMAA NSW | View
      PCEHR and HIM - Lisa Quick, Primary Health Care | View
      Adding Value: non acute settings - Paula Love, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service | View
      PCEHR and Classifications - Julie Gordon, Family Medicine Research Centre, Sydney School of Public Health | View
      HIW Summit - Summary - Richard Lawrance, CEO HIMAA | View
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