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Sheraton Hotel Perth

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Conference Program


Tuesday 13 October 2009
06:00 - 08:00pm - Welcome Reception Sheraton Hotel, Perth WA
                              Sponsored by Iron Mountain

Conference Day One: Wednesday 14 October 2009

09:00am  Official Welcome 
                Welcome to Our Country 
Assoc. Prof. Rosemary van den Berg, Centre for International 
                Health, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, WA.

09:15am  Opening Address  

                Dr Simon Towler - Chief Medical Officer, WA Health                

09:45am  Keynote Address
                Mr. Peter Fleming - CEO, National eHealth Transition Authority
10:15am  Morning Tea
10:45am  Invited Speakers 
                10:45am  A world first in cancer data collection - the Evaluation of
                                Cancer Outcomes Trial, Barwon South West Region,
                                [ click here for Abstract ]
                                Nicole Hopgood and Leigh Matheson

                11:10am  The Wheels for Change: Important Lessons on 
                                Electronic Health Records (EHRs) Implementation
                                for Hospital Managers in a Saudi Public Hospital.
                             [ click here for Abstract ]
Fares Alshammari and Professor Shane Thomas

                11:35am  Preparing an organisation for electronic clinical 
                                information systems: Does culture matter?
[ click here for Abstract ]
Dr. Joanne Callen

                12:00pm  Development and introduction of new technologies.
[ click here for Abstract ]
Cameron Ross

12:25pm  Lunch  sponsored by Matthews Health Coding Solutions Pty Ltd

01:15pm  Keynote Address 

                Mr. Richard McFadden
                CIO, Health Information Network, WA Health 
01:45pm  Invited Speakers

                01:45pm  Leveraging the Enterprise Information Environment
                                Louise Edmonds

                02:10pm  Use of Risk Mortality (ROM) and Condition Onset Flag
                                to predict mortality risk in Queensland for admitted 
                                patient separations. 
[ click here for Abstract ]
                                Dr Trisha Johnston, Meegan Snell, Corrie Martin, 
                                Dr Marc Berlinguet and Dr Richard Freedman

                02:35pm  Re-inventing the wheel? Lessons from the Victorian 
                                DHS IM Strategy.
[ click here for Abstract ]
                                Greg Stenton, Jonathan Ashley, Nyssa Dalton and
                                Heidi Rose

03:00pm  Afternoon Tea

03:15pm  Invited Speakers

                 03:15pm  Clinical record scanning - a patient centred 
[ click here for Abstract ]
                                Cathy Dooling and Annie Manning

                03:40pm  The who, what, where and why of cancer information.
[ click here for Abstract ]
                             Jenny Seems, Neil Heron, Sally Smith, Gavin 
                                Cannon, Jan Soelastijono and Gina O'Hearn

04:05pm  End of Day One of Conference                                                   

06:00 - 10:00 Conference Dinner, Perth Zoo 
Sponsored by Core Medical Solutions

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Conference Day Two:  Thursday 15 October 2009

09:00am  Keynote Address 
                Louise Schaper, Director, Comperio Pty Ltd, and
                President, HISA, WA 
09:30am  Invited Speakers

                09:30am  Change - What's change! Beautiful one day, perfect 
                                the next!
[ click here for Abstract ]
                                Alexandra Toth and Grant Duffill

                09:55am  Interprofessional Education (IPE) as a foundation to 
                                enterprise wide engagement in population health and 
                                patient care.
[ click here for Abstract ]
Kerryn Butler-Henderson

                10:20am  Journey to a scanned world: 10 sites, 8 campuses, 9 
                                service settings, 2 governing bodies.
[ click here for Abstract ]
Deborah Monaghan, Terri Letizia, 
                                Teresa Sorrenti, David Mangano and Libby Owen.

10:45am  Morning Tea
11:05am  Keynote Address
Dr. Robyn Lawrence
                Executive Director, Innovation & Health System Reform,
                WA Health

11:35am  Invited Speakers
11:35am  Health Information Managers - A Strategic Asset.
Vicki Bennett

                12:00pm  Health Information Manager and Clinical Coder 
                                workforce issues in Victoria. 
                                [ click here for Abstract ]
Vaughn Moore, Manager Health Data Acquisition,
                                Health Information, Metropolitan Health and Aged Care 
                                Services, Department of Health, Victoria and 
                                Jennie Shepheard

12:25pm  Lunch 
                (Sponsored by Matthews Health Coding Solutions Pty Ltd)  
01:15pm  Workshops

                Workshop A:  Clinical Coding Workshop.
Deborah Yagmich, Department of Health, WA 
                Workshop B: Developing Emotional Intelligence.
Margaret Potter, Smart Moves Consultancy, 
                                        Western Australia.
                                        (Sponsored by Matthews Health Coding 
                                        Solutions Pty Ltd)

02:45pm  Afternoon Tea
03:00pm  Workshops

                Workshop C: Writing proposals.
Tim North, Scribe Consulting, Western 

                Workshop D: Memory improvement to increase productivity.
Margaret Potter, Smart Moves Consultancy, 
                                       Western Australia.
                                       (Sponsored by Matthews Health Coding Solutions 
                                       Pty Ltd)

04:30pm    HIMAA Ltd Annual General Meeting  
05:15pm    End of Day Two of Conference

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Conference Day Three:  Friday 16 October 2009

09:00am  Keynote Address 
                Lorraine Nicholson
                President of IFHRO 
09:30am  Invited Speakers

                09:30am  Digital signatures and paperless workflow.
[ click here for Abstract ]
Michael Ryan  CEO eCom Group, Perth, W.A.
09:55am  Business planning for HIM research, consultancy and 
                                teaching in response to technological and economic
                                change: charting a new course in rough seas.
                                [ click here for Abstract ]
                                Garry Waller, Margaret Campbell, Kirsten 
                                McKenzie, Madonna Kemp, Debbie Scott and 
                                Sue Walker.

10:20am  Morning Tea
10:40am  Keynote Address

               Sandra Miller
                Director of Safety, Quality & Performance Unit 
                Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth, WA

11:10am  Invited Speakers

                11:10am  Capturing and funding the patient journey: an 
                                organisation-wide approach.
[ click here for Abstract ]                                
                                Michelle Stevens
                11:35am  Dispelling bad documentation habits in clinicians early.

                                [ click here for Abstract ]  
Michelle Leeding      

12:00pm  Official Close
12:15pm  Lunch
01:00pm  Site Visits

                Mount Hospital                                           Royal Perth Hospital
                150 Mounts Bay Road            OR              Murray Streete
                Perth, Western Australia                           Perth, WA

04:00pm  Close of Conference

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